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home inspection in oshawaGetting a Home Inspection Done in Oshawa

A home inspection refers to the process of observing and reporting on the condition of a real estate property. A home inspection in Oshawa assesses the property’s state, i.e. roof, structure, insulation, interior/exterior, heating and cooling systems, electrical system, plumbing, and safety issues. A home inspector also looks for any evidence of other problems that may affect the property’s value.

Typically, a potential home buyer hires a home inspector in Oshawa to examine a property and get a written report. Within the report, an inspector can recommend repairs, maintenance, and point out any potential issues. A qualified home inspector will assess the physical condition of the home’s foundation, roof, and installed systems and components to determine if any major repairs or replacement is required. An experienced home inspector can tell a potential homebuyer about any potential repairs or upgrades that can help them save money. Sellers might have a home inspected to determine necessary repairs, upgrades or replacement of home systems.

When is a home inspection in Oshawa required?

A home inspection in Oshawa is required when a purchase agreement or sales contract is signed. For potential home buyers, it is essential to include an inspection contingency clause when signing a contract. The clause allows you to find an inspector, get a report, and decide how to proceed when buying a home. Upon getting an inspection report, the buyer can decide whether to buy a home, renegotiate the price, or cancel the contract.


Reasons why you need a home inspection?


If you are considering buying a home in Oshawa, Canada, getting a home inspection is crucial. Here are the reasons why:


  • Safety – with a home inspection, a potential home buyer may detect safety issues such as mold, carbon monoxide, etc.… Ergo, you will keep yourself and your loved ones safe with a home inspection.
  • Potential costly repairs – Whether it is roof replacement, foundation repair, furnace, AC, etc.… a home inspector can provide estimated costs of most repairs or upgrades.
  • Negotiation – if you get a home inspection, you will get an opportunity to ask for repairs or negotiate for a better price.


Why should you hire The Resident Expert Home Inspections in Oshawa?


  • Experience – I am a highly experienced home inspector in the Oshawa area; I can help you determine whether to buy a house, renegotiate, or cancel the contract. I have many years of construction and building systems experience; you can rely on me to provide you with my professional advice.


  • Skills – it is essential for a home inspector to be knowledgeable, I am professionally trained through Carson Dunlop as well as Level 1 Building Systems Thermographer. Hiring The Resident Expert Home Inspections will help you determine the condition of your future home. I am looking forward to using my skills and experience to help you decide whether or not to buy a home.


  • Reviews – potential homeowners in Oshawa, Canada, have given positive reviews about my home inspection services. If you visit my social media platforms, you will learn more about me.


Buying a home is a major investment and if you are looking to buy a home in Oshawa, hiring us will help you make the right decision.



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